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Poker Player Bios - Liz Lieu aka The Poker Diva

Liz LieuScotty Nguyen is one of the more charming and relaxed players in the poker circuit. With his casual “That’s poker baby!” line used at the tables, he is one of the favourites to watch during televised games. Nguyen has had a background in poker and card games since his childhood, when he was expelled from school for spending more time playing cards than time in the class room. He eventually landed a job as a dealer t a local casino in Orange County where he says he learned more about the game from that experience than any other. He was able to watch the players and fine tune his own game based on dealing for others.

The 1998 World Series of Poker is one of the pinnacle points in Scotty’s career. Battling Kevin McBride for the championship he has been remembered as saying "You call this one, and it's all over, baby!”, when the board read a full house. McBride called, claiming he was playing the board, and Scotty defeated him with a bigger full house giving him the $1,000,000 and championship in hand. The very next day his brother was struck by a car in Vietnam and passed away. Scotty has not worn his 1998 bracelet since.

He has accomplished more than most players during his career including 5 WSOP bracelets which includes the most recent one which was from the 2008 WSOP $50,000 HORSE event. Although he is usually known for his pleasant demeanour, this event proved to be the exact opposite. During the airing of the event, players at home watched as a very intoxicated and belligerent Scotty took down hand after hand while at the same time throwing out insults . He made a public apology the days following the broadcast of the event.

Other accomplishments for Nguyen include a second place in the 2007 WSOP Seven Card Stud 8, and 11th place in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Total winnings exceed $9,700,000

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