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Poker Tips for Playing Freerolls

Freerolls are by far one of the most common types of tournaments and for most players learning how to play poker, this will probably be their first big tournament played. Not only do freerolls provide you with the benefit of being able to build a bankroll as cheaply as possible but they can provide you with some of the basic tools to advance to the next level. Of course every game has its drawback and for freerolls it’s the large number of players registered and the fact that you could be playing for hours and bubble not making a cent for your efforts. This page is to provide those who are learning how to play poker, or enjoy playing freerolls our top tips to hopefully avoid burning out early.

Play Tight

The beginning of any freeroll is absolutely wild with more swings and often two or three people all in pre-flop. These people will not second guess calling a hand and will often play any two cards suited or not just to see if they hit. Although it may seem like luck is the way to go, the majority of these players will surely bust before the first hour, no matter how many stacks they take with them. Always play tight during the first hour or two. Take advantage of their loose play with premium cards and if by chance you lose out to lady luck there is always another game waiting to be had.

Adjust Your Game to Later Stages

If you paid attention to the players during the first hour you will have noticed that they literally dropped like flies. Extremely poor hands were played and the majority of those players are no longer around to see the first break. Once the first break is over you will have two kinds of players to deal with – those that managed to play the luck card and make it through, and those who relied on basic strategy. The players who are still using luck will still be looking for ways to double up and again will call with any two cards they think may do it.

Make yourself aware of these players and who they are at your table. The other opponents will have made it through based on skill rather than luck and will more likely play with common sense and basic strategies. As the tournament proceeds further the luck players should have dropped out completely. You will find the game more strategic then before and the majority of the players left are now out for the money. Steal blinds when you can, bully opponents when you can and remember to take the blinds from the players who have been sitting out during most of the game.

It’s Ok to Lose

The fact is it is a freeroll and just like any tournament you’re not going to win them all, and in the case of freerolls you will lose more than you win. The majority of the players who do play freerolls are either complete novice, those who don’t want to play with real money or in all honesty disregard the game all together because it is free. Most poker rooms host freerolls around the clock and as often as every few hours, which means you will have another chance. Play with common sense, avoid falling into the luck trap and above all else enjoy the game.

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