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Poker Tips : When to Complete From the SB

Something that players who are new to limit hold em do, and even some not so new players, that leads to not being as profitable as possible, is completing to many bets from the small blind. The problem with this mistake is that when you are making it, you don’t really notice it, as you are only putting half a bet out each time you complete. Limit poker is not at all about individual sessions of success, its about the long term, and fixing this small leak in your game will be noticeable after a few sessions. Here are some trouble hands that people complete with too often.

Ace - Rag

Even though in these situations it is only costing you half of a bet to see the flop, this is still a trap hand. If you have Ad-6s in the small blind and complete with three or more people playing in the hand, you are probably in bad shape. Your only real hope here is to catch two pair; the problem is that you will most likely be up against a bigger two. The real problem is not always that you are having to put in half a bet before the flop, its that you will get trapped into playing a losing hand after it.

Low Suited Connectors

These hands require a good understanding of pot odds to play. You can make a call with 5 people in front of you already calling, but that is about it with hands up to the 8-9s range. You don’t want to be calling here for less than 4-1 on your money, because this hand does not play very well after the flop, and in the long run, completing bets with this hand is a losing proposition.

Remember You’re in Bad Position

You may think you have a handle on the table and are ready to start playing a little more aggressive and opening up your range, but make sure you’re prepared. Be aware that you are going to be forced to play out of position for the entirety of the hand that you’re in. Those hands that you make marginal calls with on the button are not hands you want to be calling with in the small blind. Position is everything in poker, and letting the hand go is worth it to get the button the next hand.

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